Indian Tapestry and Mandala Tapestry Decor Trends

Enchanting home decor trends for 2016 to use Indian mandala tapestries. Creatively decorate your walls with hippie wall hangings in colorful round screen prints. We all aim for the most beautiful and exclusive interiors but to achieve that target, we need to stay abreast with latest home decor trends. With time, modifications in textures, color combinations and overall ambiance happen and we can revive our decor keeping these changes in mind and blending them with our creative capabilities. Mandala tapestries are one such decorative items which can be used in your living room, dining room, bedroom and office spaces to transform the monotonous feel of your spaces into distinctive personalities. And the best part is that you don’t have to spend heavy on redesigning your walls and interiors.

If you are also looking forward for an interesting makeover of your bedroom or your house, here are some of the most amazing 2016 Indian Mandala tapestry trends to watch out for in order to give your spaces an inspiring redo.

Round Mandala Tapestry on Back Wall

You can have beautiful vibrant handmade Indian round Mandala tapestry in your bedroom or living room on the back wall behind your bed or your master sofa seating in respective rooms. This will give your room a wonderful transformation with elegance and style.

Hippie Indian Wall Hanging on Side Wall

If you have a complete side wall vacant, waiting to be revitalized with something unique then a vivacious hippie Mandala tapestry wall hanging is something that will suit the location. This will make your boring corner look very attractive and impressive. With some lights around it, you can create a magical corner.

Bohemian Mandala Bed Throw

If you don’t have walls vacant then using the colorful boho Mandala tapestry as a bedspread is another creative idea. Use it as bed sheet or bed throw in your bedroom and add more colors to your personal space without having to deal with hanging hassles etc. This way you would be able to give a new look to your room every few days.

Beach or Picnic Blanket Tapestry

You can also pack the soothing and stylish round Mandala tapestries for picnic outings or beach side summer holidays to have a relaxed and comfortable seating. Use it a beach throw or beach towel or make a tent out of it on a sunny day…. be creative in ways you wish to handle this masterpiece.

Tapestry with Vibrant Cushions

To give your sofas and bed a more interesting and attractive look, you can use these impressive screen printed tapestry bedspreads along with some beautiful handmade cushions with embroidery, mirror work, patchwork and other embellishments which promise a wonderful appeal.

Tapestry in Complementing Room Color

You can use the Indian tapestries in complementing colors matching that of your walls to keep it simple and yet enticing. This idea will give your interiors a smooth and stylish makeover without being too loud.

Use these 2016 Indian tapestry trends to give your interiors a dramatic makeover.

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