10 Most Amazing Summer Beach Accessories 2016

The coolest beach accessories for summer 2016 to pack for holiday outings and picnics. The must have fashionable beach chairs, towels and beach gears. As soon as summers start, we all start planning for holidays, beach outings and picnics. But in order to keep these outings trendy and fun, make sure you have packed the most amazing summer beach accessories to make it a happening 2016. We bring to you a sorted list of top 10 summer beach accessories which are the best things to make your beach picnics fun-filled and memorable.

So read on and find out the must have summer beach accessories 2016 for the trendy fashion lovers. Don’t miss on these stylish accessories when you hit the beach this holiday.

1. Vibrant Beach Umbrellas

Do not forget to carry the best beach umbrellas with you. These big umbrellas are ideal to relax under the shed when the sun is too hot to handle. This will help you stay at ease even when it is too sunny. You can have them in different colors and prints.

2. Round Beach Throws

Handcrafted cotton round beach tapestry mandala throws are another stylish beach accessory to have in your kit. They come in various designs and colors, screen printed for a refreshing and stylish look. They are perfect to relax on beach for two people. They are made using finest cotton and are very easy and comfortable to carry. They are finished with tassels which add more grace to these picnic rugs.

3. Cool Beach Tents

You can even have these cool tents designed for beach outings which let you spend day and night on the shore without any issues. They are perfect for all the water lovers who can spend days next to the beach in the hot and sizzling summers.

4. Curvy Chair

If you want to sit and enjoy the picturesque beach then take these smart curvy chairs along. They promise amazing style without interfering with your style. These fashionable chairs have been designed especially for the beaches so that you can stretch your legs and sit with ease sipping Martini.

5. Beach Towel

When you are out on a beach, do not forget to carry beach round towels with you. You can buy indian mandala towels made with cotton fabric to keep you dry when you have just had a swim. They come in beautiful round prints and Indian designs and are very quick to dry.

6. Inflatable Volleyball Court

If you are going in group and you are looking for some fun activities then this inflatable volleyball court is a must buy. You can have this court floating on the shallow beach waters to define your sides and enjoy a fun-filled game of volleyball with your friends and family. You are surely going to love this wonderful accessory.

7. Easy Underwater Camera

For all the sporty souls, the best summer beach accessory for 2016 is the easy underwater camera that lets you click pictures under the water. So have this fashionable camera added to your cart so that you have a collection of beautiful memories when you are back from the holiday.

8. DIY Beach Chair

Relax on the soft sand with a smart backrest with this creative DIY beach chair. This trendy 2016 beach accessory is nothing but a backrest which you can fix in the sand so that you can sit on the sand with greatest ease resting your body against the chair.

9. Beach Bag

This is an essential thing to have. Go with a smart and stylish beach bag in vibrant colors with amazing space so that you can carry everything that you need. Markets offer various choices of beach bags and carts to help you select the one as per your requirement.

10. Hand Sand Digger

Another smart beach accessory is the hand sand digger which helps you dig the sand with greatest ease and speed so that you can have your tent or chair easily placed in the sand.

So make sure you buy these smart accessories before going out on a beach summer holiday this year.

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